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Lean Mean Marketing Teams

Dec 14, 2020

EY’s global CMO, Karen Hopkins, joins us for another episode full of insightful marketing content. 

Karen’s impressive career has seen her rise in the ranks at EY from Marketing Manager in Perth, to National Marketing Director for Australia, all the way to Global CMO based in London, where she now oversees a global marketing team of 2000 staff, with 50 senior marketing leaders and 16 direct reports.

In today’s episode:

  • Karen unpacks the transformation she’s been leading with her team focused around 3 core pillars: Focus and Impact, New Ways of Working, and New Ways of Engaging;
  • The play book that Karen lays out around how she rolled out Agile marketing for a pilot team of 50 staff and some of the phenomenal results they have achieved as a result; and 
  • The ‘marketer of the future’ – A capability framework and learning plan that helps EY marketing staff up-skill in 6 critical areas.

To find out more, and to learn how Karen and her large team stay on top of the marketing game, make sure to listen to this episode.


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