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Lean Mean Marketing Teams

Mar 15, 2021

Flybuys is consistently rated by customers as Australia’s most popular loyalty program, with over two thirds of Australia active in the program, 20 coalition partners and over one billion personalised emails sent out per year. 

In this episode we cover:

  • How Rosemary has built out her CX function and what is in her portfolio;
  • The CX and marketing transformation journey that Rosemary has been leading, including the results from a deep segmentation study and how customer insights are now underpinning the strategy at Flybuys;
  • Flybuys’ move to agile product delivery teams and how the marketing team has adopted new Agile ways of working, and some of the pros and challenges associated with this;
  • The two-way benefits that flow when marketing starts working really closely with the tech teams;
  • The importance of internal communications and a strong change management function when implementing new ways of working;
  • How to build rock-solid relationships and create trust, respect and alignment with your executive counterparts like the Chief Technology Officer and Chief Product Officer; and
  • How to be proactive and strategic about data management and personalisation in a constantly changing landscape by putting the customer’s best interests first.

Rosemary Martin has over 15 years of marketing and commercial experience, spanning a range of industries and brands such as Publicis Mojo, London Business School and ANZ, before joining Coles in relaunching the Flybuys program in 2012. Rosemary brings a deep understanding of customers to the broader business of Flybuys to inform strategy and decision making.  

There is a lot covered in this episode so make sure you listen in and download the notes that are available on our website


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