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Lean Mean Marketing Teams

Mar 23, 2021

Mal Chia, CMO at Ryderwear and Head of PUSHH Fitness joins us on this week’s episode.

Ryderwear is a fitness apparel, footwear brand and e-commerce retailer, with distribution centres in Australia, the UK and the US. PUSHH fitness is a related fitness app, with a focus on strength fitness for women.

In this episode, we unpack:

  • What it was like to work at Uber and Uber Eats in the early days when they flew new employees to “Uberversity” in San Francisco;
  • How Mal’s interesting career has led him to his current role at Ryderwear and PUSHH;
  • How Mal has rapidly grown and scaled a modern marketing team at Ryderwear, how the PUSHH product team works, and how the marketing team works with other functions;
  • How Mal has created alignment and driven effectiveness in his team through a laser focus on clear accountability and measuring the things that matter;
  • How using Wildly Important Goals, also known as “WIGs” can be effective to drive team alignment;
  • How Mal has created a data driven culture at Ryderwear and how this has led to new opportunities to drive profitability and success for the company;
  • Whether it’s possible to create a startup culture within a marketing team inside a traditional company versus a Startup, and what leaders can do to nurture this; and
  • Some leadership lessons and failures that have helped shape Mal’s leadership style today.

Mal is part marketer, part startup guy, and part technologist. He’s attracted to startups and scale-ups due to the fast pace and impact that you can deliver in a short space of time. Since joining Ryderwear as the CMO, Mal has helped grow the company by 150% in 12 months.

As always, a lot has been covered in this episode, head to the Podcast section of our website here and download the detailed notes that we take on every episode.


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