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Lean Mean Marketing Teams

Apr 12, 2021

Author Stacey Danheiser shares the VALUE framework from her new book Stand-out Marketing.

Stacey’s most recent book, “Stand Out Marketing: How to differentiate your organisation in a sea of sameness”, co-authored with Dr Simon Kelly and Dr Paul Johnston, is the main focus of this episode. 

The book (and the interview) covers the following topics:

  • The problem of the “sea of sameness” across a number of industries where companies are not differentiated or distinctive of one another, and don’t have a clear value proposition;
  • The research that revealed the magnitude of this problem, why it was happening and what companies can do about it; and
  • The “VALUE” model - five competencies that CMOs and marketing teams can build to help their organisations stand out.

This book takes a unique and valuable approach to solving the problem by focusing on upskilling the marketing team in these key competencies, rather than suggesting a typical brand strategy or tactical approach. It’s a must read for any marketing leader serious about helping their team and their company standout.

To find out the five competencies of “VALUE” and much more, make sure to tune into this episode!


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