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Lean Mean Marketing Teams

Nov 16, 2020

Host Ty Hayes reveals why Lean Mean Marketing Teams is your must-listen podcast for creating high-performance marketing teams in this trailer episode.

Ty explains:

  • The range and calibre of guests interviewed on the show
  • The types of industries covered
  • The varying degree of team sizes managed by different CMOs on the show
  • A taste of the exciting range of topics covered from team structures through to agile marketing.

In a rapidly changing world, where your team is your ultimate competitive advantage, you'll discover exactly how this podcast will enhance your leadership and help you build a marketing dream team.

It's only a short trailer episode, so be sure to subscribe and listen to the main episodes as they're released in December 2020.

To find out more about the show, go to Growth Generators website:

To find out more about the host, Ty Hayes, or to connect or follow him on LinkedIn go to: